Do You Know The Instagram Accounts With The Most Followers?

How many people are you currently following on Instagram? What about the other way round, how many followers do you have right now? If you are a normal user, it’s likely that you have a decent amount of followers – yet your figures may be far from the most followed Instagram accounts. Can you guess which is the account which currently holds the record? If you guessed the own social media’s account, you’re totally right! At nearly 57 million followers, @instagram is currently the record holder for the greatest follower number. It’s not difficult to see why: it’s nothing but the official page’s account, which has a twin account at many other social networks.

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03.01What about the second one? It must certainly be a well-known person’s page, and it certainly is. Beyonce Knowles (@beyonce) holds the second position in this ranking, although the difference is appalling – “only” 27 million people follow her, compared to the 57m that follow @instagram. Also, while the latter follows 341 other accounts, Beyonce is honored with not following any account at all.

03.02The third, fourth and fifth places are also held by women: Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have, together, nearly 80 million followers. Kardashian has an almost equal follower number as Beyonce, although she holds an own record for the most popular photo ever on the site. What about you? Do you have a similar number of followers or do you keep it humbler? Maybe you know that there are ways of gaining new followers, some arduous and some easier. IIGERS is one of the sites which offer follower-increasing services, together with comments and likes. And, as everybody knows, a little help is always welcome, isn’t it? However, you may gain followers the traditional way and like it despite its slowness. If you post high-quality content, you will certainly increase your follower account.

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