How Does Instagram Cope With Spam?

Having reached the milestone of 300 million followers last December (something not all the social networking sites can say), Instagram has proved to have become one of the most popular photo-sharing media – and even just social media. Not only has it surpassed Twitter’s alleged 288 million users, but it has surely set a record, having grown 100 million in the last 9 months.

As the very company defines it, Instagram is a place to share your life with your followers through photos and videos, so it is of course not intended for companies, but for real people. According to Instagram’s “Help” section, it is explicitly forbidden to use the “service for illegal or unauthorized purposes, our Terms specify that people can’t spam others on Instagram”. In spite of being so specific regarding this topic, spammers have been a serious problem for Instagram. Millions of accounts had to be deleted by the social network in order to keep it more human. It happened last December and people literally panicked.

Instagram wants to keep the content human. Photo from @iigersShooter Instagram wants to keep the content human. Photo from @iigersShooter

However, despite the efforts the company puts in keeping Instagram spam free, it is widely known that spammers usually hide their accounts under a veil of “normality”. The net entrusts their own users and encourages them to notify if they see something suspicious, having procedures to report spam accounts, posts and comments. Being a network used by so many people, they have a very strict policy against explicit content – nudity and self-harm are, together with spam, the main aims.

Regarding trade proposals, i. e. buying and selling goods or services, Instagram holds the belief that the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. However, they “can’t provide help if you purchase something from a fraudulent person on Instagram”.

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