Is It Worth to Be an Instagram Bot?

Since electronics was introduced some decades ago, automatical processes have become a part of our lives. Not only have machines helped man accomplish many important things, such as getting to the moon, but they have become an essential part of our daily lives.  Cooking robots, cleaning robots, domotics – they’re everywhere and make life easier for us. It’s always good if you can have a machine that can do that job, isn’t it?

Well, not always. There are certain environments where you just want people to be people. Even if robots are helping us live longer, be healthier and cleaner, and letting us live more comfortably, there are certain aspects of our lives that can’t be left for robots to control. One of them are social media.

Social media are for what they are – for socializing. It’s very temping when you see, for instance, that you can have bots to  follow you on Instagram when you only have a few followers. However, are bots that good for that? Imagine you go to someone’s profile, start checking out their followers and find profiles managed by robots. Wouldn’t you be a little pissed off that they have so many followers but some of them are not even human?

Not today, buddy – not today
Not today, buddy – not today

That’s why offers Instagram users the chance to gain followers that are real, followers that are there to stay. If you get followers from (and you can choose the number that better suits you, from 20 to 80) you’ll be able to see that they are users just like you – with their hobbies and their own life on Instagram.

At we believe that Instagram, just like any other social media, was created by and for humans. They’re places to enjoy, to have fun and to interact with each other. Don’t let robots ruin your Instagram experience!

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