Indignation Sweeps Instagram due to Auschwitz Pictures

Going to a place like Auschwitz to take bland pictures can have its consequences. Rubén Domínguez is a Spanish fashion specialist – as he describes himself on his Instagram profile (@ruben_dominguez94) – who has received a ton of criticism on social networks. The reason? As you may […]

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Can Instagram Pictures Warn about Depression?

It seems so, judging by reserch that has been conducted by Harvard and Vermont Universities. A team of researchers from both universities analyzed more than forty thousand pictures uploaded to this social network with a new algorithm. Which are the signs that we may look for? The […]

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Get the FansYou Always Deserved on Instagram

Managing an Instagram account can be a different experience for many people. We’re all different, and the way in which we use social networks also varies. There are those who have Instagram as a way to be informed of what happens in the world – those who […]

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Justin Bieber Threatens Instagram Followers

By now almost everyone knows who Justin Bieber is. He’s one of the most famous celebrities of the past years, and he’s also very well-known for having a huge fan-base made up of mostly very young teenage (and preteenage) girls. So whenever we see him down the […]

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Instagram Stories, a New Snapchat?

Amongst the fastest-growing social networks there are Facebook – which is the oldest and mots important of them all –, Instagram and finally one that has been around for nearly five years – Snapchat. Five years after it was launched, there’ve been rumours that Mark Zuckerberg has […]

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