Bieber Beats Jenner on Instagram

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner – two of the most well-known faces of the last years; two of the most popular artists in the world; two of the people with the most crowded fan bases on Instagram – have fought a much unique fight. It was an […]

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Instagram: All of the Followers, None of the Trouble

For most people, saying Instagram equals mentioning a hobby. It’s a site you use when you want to have some fun, whether it be looking at your friends’ pics, knowing what a celebrity has recently done or keeping yourself updated on your favorite brands. However, for other […]

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Mamypoule, 80 and Having a Ball on Instagram

Last Saturday, Jacqueline Catelain turned 80. This Norman woman can honestly say that she’s a modern grandma – she’s followed by nearly 5,000 people on Instagram. She’s from Disgosville, a French commune inhabited by 1500 people in the Northern French region of Normandy. Since autumn 2014, she’s […]

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Hacker, 10, Hacks Instagram, Denounces Himself, Uses Reward to Buy Bike

There’s sometimes when you just can’t believe what you’re reading, and we hope this is one of those times. At least, we hope you’re just as surprised as we are while we write this. According to the Finnish tabloid Iltalehti, where a Forbes journalist foud the article […]

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Traveling through Food on Instagram

There are few sentences that could apply to millions of people in the world, but they exist. Two of the most important ones could be: “Most people like traveling” and “Most people like food.” Combine those two sentences with the most popular social network at the moment […]

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