The Dark Side of Instagram

Instagram is the most widely used picture-sharing app in the world. Not only celebrities but normal people use it to be connected and know a little more about the world. Especially youths, who have found that Instagram has everything they’ve asked for. They can follow their favourite […]

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Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey

When Kevin Ststrom and Mark Krieger met, they couldn’t think that they would start the most important networking project of the decade. Their ways had been separated their whole lives. Systrom had grown up in Google as a product executive before going out to the world. He […]

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Instagram Followers at the Reach of Your Hand

Who else remembers the #FollowFriday tradition? In the first years of some social networks, it was customary to dedicate Fridays to find new blogs you could like and follow them. Usually, but not always, this implied that the people you followed would follow you back. It was […]

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Get into the Matrix thanks to Instagram

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a character-encoding scheme used all over the world to represent text in computers. You’ve surely seen some emoticons or some pictures created with it – those images created joining letters and numbers together use ASCII. Among the many things […]

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The Hidden Side of Modeling on Instagram

Going back and forth, six-hour flights in order to get to paradise-like places, having a swimsuit prepared together with your winter clothing, not knowing if you’re going to end your week at the beach or in the snowy heights of some mountain. If you consider all these […]

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