The Hidden Side of Modeling on Instagram

Going back and forth, six-hour flights in order to get to paradise-like places, having a swimsuit prepared together with your winter clothing, not knowing if you’re going to end your week at the beach or in the snowy heights of some mountain. If you consider all these […]

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Hijarbie, the Muslim Barbie Which is Driving Instagram Crazy

We can’t help to be amazed by Barbie. She’s had nearly every job in the world, she’s lived everywhere, from the Caribbean to NYC, she’s been admired by girls all over the world for the last half a century. Having this history behind, it’s not surprising that […]

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Get Everybody to See Your Instagram Pics

No matter what people say, the most difficult thing when you upload pictures to Instagram is not to choose the perfect picture, the ideal filter or the correct format – a task which can be considered artistic and even enjoyable. After all, it’s you who is creating, […]

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What Instagram Has Joined Together…

We’re only a few days away from Valentine’s day. It seems the most suitable time to talk about love stories. The one we’re going to talk about seems to have been drawn out from a romantic movie, where the plot is far from being real. However, this […]

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Instagram Says No to Arms and Weapons

Mark Zuckerberg seems to be against violence, as his last move on Facebook and Instagram seems to say “No guns, no arms, no weapons on my social networks.” The biggest social network in the world – Facebook – together with the one that’s growing the fastet – […]

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