If You Look Like Taylor Swift, Don’t Get Into Instagram

Taylor Swift is a well-known artist, that is undeniable. She has legions of fans and also many haters. It’s normal, whenever a celebrity gets famous, they attract both positive and negative reactions from the world. However, if you’re not used to being a celebrity and have no […]

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Kim Kardashian, Is That You?

Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known faces of Instagram. The American celebrity, known for the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has been active on the picture-centered social network since it started becoming popular. Always active on the app, Kim used to post almost […]

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The Creepy Alive-Looking Dolls of Instagram

Instagram is a place for artists, for creators, for those who want the world to see what they are capable of making. Given that it is the most visual-centered social network in the run nowadays, it is normal that artists, who work with images as a primary […]

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Fooled by a Parody on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to show others how you enjoy life, to inspire and to encourage others have a healthier lifestyle. However, as it gained popularity it made some kind of pictures popular. Since 2010, how many photos have we seen that depict a perfectly arranged […]

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