More Companies That Use Instagram As A Way To Reach People

As we have previously said, Instagram is not an only-personal network, but also a place where many well-known companies can promote themselves Mercedes-Benz, for instance, increased its online activity by more than 50%. However, not only can the car industry take advantage of Instagram and other social […]

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Some Companies That Boosted Their Influence Thanks To Instagram

Instagram is more than a personal social network, as it is a very good place for companies, small or big, to promote themselves. Nowadays, more and more companies use the social media to reach potential customers, and publicity and marketing strategies have changed in order to adapt […]

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Must-Follow Fashion People On Instagram

Just a month ago, one of the most important events in the fashion world took place: the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, or, as it is better known, the New York Fashion Week. It lasted from February 11 to February 18, a week in which the fashion media became […]

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How A Modeling Agency Recruits New Models On Instagram

As the social networking site it is, Instagram can serve a lot of purposes, be it promote a company, a product or a person. Sometimes, it can even lead to unexpected success for those who take the risk of participating in some events. That is what happened, […]

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Some Instagram Accounts – Just Pretty Or Pretty Weird?

As the open social networking site it is, Instagram offers its users the possibility of uploading whatever content they want, provided that they do not include abuse, spam or self-harm, as the very Instagram says in its Terms of use page. However, one must not look that […]

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