Spanish Actress Fakes Life Events on Instagram

The Spanish actress Anna Allen has been lately in the eye of the storm. Her Instagram photos have been commented all around the world. Why could that be? At a simple glance, she seemed to be a rather successful actress. We could see her in her Instagram profile – now deleted – sharing moments with famous actors and actresses, showing her participating in White Collar, attending the Oscars 2014.

Then what’s the matter with that? Well, apparently, all these events did happen normally, as we could see – but Allen didn’t attend any of them. She told her followers all about the events, posting photos on her Instagram account, which have turned out to be fake. Even her assertions regarding her work as a Vertu (a British luxury cell phone design company) and Fight Aids Monaco ambassador (where, she remarked, she coincided with princess Stáphanie). Both companies have denied that. Fight Aids Monaco doesn’t even have ambassadors. Not even the president – princess Stéphanie.

Anna Allen, a la izquierda en el fotomontaje en los Oscar, y a la...

Why could be the reason behind this behavior? Some think it could be a case of multiple personality disorder, while other media have pointed at a simple fantasy, as if faking all those photographs were a way of fulfilling a dream. If you cannot happen to have the luck to be at the Oscars live, what stops you from believing in your own fantasies and making others believe in them?

Anyway, for the time being, her profile is unfindable, even though she used to have 22,000 followers, which isn’t a disdainful figure at all. If you want to be nearer that figure or even surpass it, why don’t you try our services at You may prefer to gain real followers at a small price than to gain them posting a fake life, won’t you? At least, you will be able to keep your account – and your followers.

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