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Instagram: a Worldwide Phenomenon

Buy Followers on Instagram on iiges

Nowadays most people have an Instagram account or at least have had one in the past. Whether it’s a personal account or a business related one, having an account on this social network is extremely common among everyone from almost every part of the world. As many of us may already know, Instagram started off as a personal social website, but now has evolved into more of a business.

The Importance of Making Your Profile Grow

Before, it wasn’t really that important to have Instagram followers or Instagram likes. Maybe you would be a little more “popular” among your friends or something along those lines, but that was basically it. Now you can actually see people trying to grow as much as they can and buying Instagram likes or comments so they can grow even more.

The Birth of Instagram Services

This is how the Instagram services market began to grow. And that’s how today you can find hundreds of websites offering you lots of cheap services for your account. However, IIgers is pretty different from anything you can find out there. It may seem as if we offered the same exact services, but they’re not exactly the same. Usually, when you come across a website that offers followers, likes, comments and so on, they’re quite probably offering you bots. We on IIgers don’t use bots… ever! If you buy followers on Instagram from us, you’re going to get real account used by real people. And no, it’s not a trick meaning that you’re going to get 100 followers from China or Russia. You’re going to get the kind of followers your account asks for: North American, British, French… Not bulk mass followers or comments or likes from faraway countries that would look suspicious on your account.

Natural-looking Traffic Increase on Your Account

Something that many people aren't usually happy with are Instagram comments. When buying Instagram comments, many users tend to get very automated and generic comments from other accounts that, in most cases, are very obvious to detect. When people buy comments for their uploaded pictures, what they want is to transmit an image of activity. That is, when people check their Instagram accounts, they'll see lots of comments of their images and relate that to high traffic on that account. However, imagine clicking on a picture and seeing only comments like: “Nice! Awesome. So cool!”. They're too generic and work for any kind of picture, right? But the Instagram comments that you can buy on IIgers have nothing to do. Since they're comments from real people, they'll comment something related to the image you've uploaded. So if your account is about fashion items, the comments you'll get will be about the item on the picture. That's what we mean when we talk about Instagram services with real Instagram accounts!

Best Results You’ll Ever Get

Many people might think that our prices are slightly elevated in comparison to other services, but if you stop and think about it for a moment, it's quite logical. Many people think of these services as numbers that they get onto your account, but you must bear in mind that we work with other people too. All the people that follow your account, comment on your pictures or videos and so on, are real people that we are communicated with and work with actively. So since it-s real people that are in the equation and not just bots, it implies more money. But then again, you pay what you get for. So in this case, you're paying for a real legit service that's extremely complete and that's not very common in the market.

So say goodbye to sweating and working full time to keep your account active and growing. With IIgers' services, you can buy Instagram comments, buy Instagram likes or even views for your videos and give your account that push it needs. We guarantee you'll be extremely pleased with the results, and if you've got any question or issues, we'll be more than happy to help you out!

More and more every day, this is a basic marketing strategy for any person or company who wants to promote a profile on Instagram.