Adverts on Instagram – but only if you choose them, don’t panic!

A few days ago, a new function was announced to be added to our Instagram account – a button to buy, install and register in what they may offer to you. This new possibility will help both users and companies as we will be able to buy products and services that may interest us and, they, on their part, will advertise what they have for us.

Hence, soon we will have three options – i.e. “buy now”, “install now” and “register” – that will enable us to interact with what they want to sell. Moreover, it has been explained that, only when you are interested in an advert, you can click on the option you prefer, depending on what you want to do with the product or service suggested, and a new window will appear, showing, within the app itself, more information about the brand or company you prefer.


However, unlike what is done in other social networks, adverts on Instagram won’t show up automatically to the user’s face but there will be the option to access to that information only if the user wants to.  In this way, advertising will be less intrusive for the consumers and more productive for the companies. Advertising on Instagram will be soon a reality in different countries and its users will have the power to choose whether they are interested in consuming it or not.

This shows how brands know perfect place and time to do their campaigns being sure that 300 millions of people from all over the world would notice, and even take the bait. Then, if you have a company, the recipe for success is simple and easy, take note. First of all, you need to show adverts according to the user’s interests and likes. Secondly, in case they feel  overwhelmed by your availability and willing to satisfy their needs, you give them the right to choose, and if they want to display the advert and know more about what you are offering, that will mean that they really feel like checking what they can purchase and use from you.

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