Big or Small Artist – You Can Get to Many People Thanks to Instagram

Just as it helps making customs and traditions around the world more visible, Instagram helps make art and those who create also more noticeable. There are innumerable accounts devoted to art – for sure almost everybody follows at least one – but sometimes they can be not too visible, thus not getting all the attention they deserve.

Generally, artists get credit for what they do thanks to exhibitions. Showing one’s work to the world may be difficult sometimes – today it probably isn’t, thanks to the Internet, which can help you show your creations to people who are on the other side of the world – but there are some kinds of art which don’t seem to get the acceptance they deserve. We are referring, as you may have guessed, to street art.

Street art is one of the most evident yet disregarded kinds of art there are, simply because it is just in front of our eyes. We see street art when we go for a walk, when we go shopping, when we go out to have dinner – but somehow we are not conscious about it being there.

Take for example Andrew Lamb, who has been making the Neighborhood Watch signs in Toronto, where he lives, more vivid and eye-catching. Without making the signs difficult to read, he makes them funnier “in a playful manner,” decorating them with his drawings of his childhood memories’ characters. Having Mr Spock or Super Mario looking after you must certainly be a nice experience.

Being watched by Kirk and Spock must make you feel safe

Being watched by Kirk and Spock must make you feel safe

Although he does barely need to be presented, Bansky has his own account, where he uploads pics of his works in the streets of New York, and also encourages people look for his works throughout the city.


One of Bansky’s works in NYC

Both artists, Lamb and Bansky, share a passion to show the world their creations, and, thanks to Instagram, they can get the credit they deserve.

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