Brands are Using Instagram to Connect with People

This year may have been the Year of Instagram. The photo-sharing social network has grown notably during the last months, apart from having become the interest of many companies. The fact that it gained more and more users, together with the easiness for brands to promote themselves on it, made everyone go crazy about Instagram.

However, 2015 is about to end. Thus, we must analyze what really happened. What did companies do on Instagram? What strategies are working for them? That’s what the last report by Simply Measured on brand presence on Instagram can tell us. The Instagram Industry Report has anayzed what companies are doing there. It’s especially focused on the Interbrand 100 (the most valuable brands in the world) and it has analyzed their presence on Instagram.

INstagram seems unstoppable now – and brands know it.INstagram seems unstoppable now – and brands know it.

From this report it’s clear that brands are no longer afraid of Instagram. A lot of brands have entered Instagram, with little or no variation no matter the niche or sector of the brand. It means it’s not only something trendy because of the brands, but because it’s been spread all over social media.

Thus, 90% Interbrand 100 companies have an Instagram account. 82% of them have their profile updated in the last month, and 80% upload at least one picture or video every week. They’re posting more than ever and updating their profiles more and more regularly.

Also, brands are using the same strategies to promote themselves that users use. They employ hashtags and emoticons in order to become appealing to people who use that same language. 35% of the brands used emoticons on their Instagram posts. The most used one was the photographic camera, followed by the heart, the trade-mark sign, the Halloween pumpkin… But the heart was the most used.

Does this mean brands want to get to our hearts through Instagram? Do you think they’ll do it eventually?


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