Celebrities and their Moms, on Instagram

Instagram is the right place if you want to share and save events from your daily life. Anything goes, and everything belongs in the photo-sharing social network. That is why many people post special photos when there is a significant holiday. The latest one happened only yesterday – Mother’s Day. Yesterday it was the second Sunday of May, the date on which Mother’s Day is celebrated in a lot of countries around the world.

Among the many pics categorized under the #HappyMothersDay hashtag we can find Kim Kardashian sharing the frame with her mother Kris Jenner and her own daughter, North West; while Kim gives her daughter a kiss, Kris looks at them blissfully.

Kris, Kim and North West, three generations in one picture

Kris, Kim and North West, three generations in one picture

We can also find Brooklyn Beckham with his mother Victoria. Now she is in the pic, not as when Brooklyn wished her a happy birthday some weeks earlier; however, David Beckham does not appear this time. Mother and son are looking at the camera, while he is holding what seems like a package (maybe for her?). Meanwhile, she is giving a thumbs up.

Victoria Beckham shares a pic with her son Brooklyn

Victoria Beckham shares a pic with her son Brooklyn

Then we have Mother’s Day pictures on which no mothers appear (we suppose it was for the sake of taking the pic, or maybe to highlight that children are the best gift any mother can receive). We’re referring to the photo uploaded by Madonna, in which we can see her four children smiling at the camera. The youngest ones, David and Mercy, are holding each one a yellow flower. The artist, despite not appearing on the photograph, says in the caption that she is the “Luckiest Mom in the world!”

What about you? Have you taken advantage of social media to tell your mother you love her? You’re not too late! Just be sure to tag it #HappyMothersDay or #MothersDay!

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