Enter the French National Library – through Instagram

Internet has replaced many things we used to use, many everyday objects. We no longer need a cinema to watch films, we no longer need a telephone to talk to people, we no longer need a map – Internet offers that all, at the reach of a click. Take this not as a critique, but as a praise, since today we’re going to talk about an aspect that remains mostly forgotten – culture. It’s ubiquitous on the Internet, even on places where you wouldn’t expect to find it – for instance, Instagram.

A picture of the library, on its Instagram account. A picture of the library, on its Instagram account.

We’re going to tell you about the French National Library, the Bigliothèque nationale de France. On its official Instagram account (@bibliothequebnf), there are more than 200 pictures posted. While they offer a lot of information about current and future events – of which, if you are in Paris, you should take advantage – they also post a lot of pictures of the library itself – a giant crystal building in Paris.

What are they hosting now? According to a post from November 3, there’s an exhibition on Louis XIV. More than 160 pieces, mostly engravings, which were really fashion during the 17th century in France. They’re also promoting a book called Palais royal: À la table des Rois, about cuisine and recipes from the time when France was a monarchy.

It’s a pity that only a few Instagram users follow the BNF page (only 1,338 people as of today). They’ve got plenty of material and information in order to keep you entertained for a long time. If you’re interested, go see the #JPOBnF hashtag – they held an open day and it was amazing. There are a few more pictures there. Exhibitions, publications, urban landscapes… They have everything!

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