Instagram 6.2 is Ready to Go

Version 6.2 of Instagram is ready to go! You can already get it from Apple App Store and start enjoying its new features. It is certainly not the first update of the popular application, and, as the preceding ones, it has added new features and changed some of the older ones.

For instance, you may know that, last December, Instagram added five new filters (Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua). Make it eight now, as three new ones were added only yesterday – Lark, Reyes and Juno. The three of them are “inspired by weekend adventures outdoors”, desaturating reds while punching up blues, giving a vintage look and making warm tones pop, respectively.

However, as exciting as these new filters may seem, they are not the only features introduced in this new version. Acknowledging that not only words but also emoticons have gained a major presence online, Instagram has now made it possible to tag not only words of phrases – but also emoticons! They are symbols which almost everybody can understand, so why not? Of course, apart from being able to add them to your photos, you can also search them, just as any other tag.

The new filters featured on Instagram

The new filters featured on Instagram

Instagram seems to be improving the experience it offers to its users, giving them what they want and adding features that everybody likes. With these new filters, countless possibilities arise, and the opportunity to gain followers is at the reach of a hand. So, apart from what Instagram offers, you may consider combining the new features with other ways to boost your follower count.

Go explore Instagram new filters and show your followers what you can do with them! With the new filters and the ones that were already featured, you can give your photos new color, new light and new meaning. Go check them out!

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