Instagram Helps High School Students Find Their Ideal College

Not only normal people or companies manage Instagram accounts. Some colleges in the United States have an account on Instagram, apart from managing and being present in many other social networks. The colleges posted photos to their account and, naturally, they tagged their location. It was not only useful to locate the very colleges – but to take advantage: when clicking on a photo location, more pics tagged in that specific area would appear.

The great thing is that the photos uploaded from that location were not from the colleges themselves – but from real people who studied there. So it was like having an online tour of the college, in which real students acted as guides. Most importantly, as they were students, they wouldn’t hesitate to show not only the advantages and nice things, but also the drawbacks.


It is not strange that someone has finally come to this conclusion, even if it is just for the appalling numbers about Instagram use among teens. Back in October, a survey found that Instagram was used by 76% of American teenagers. Many of them would follow a school if they visited it, or heard about it, or even if they happened to look them up in Google.

Despite the photos being filtered, they show reality – at least more than the own college sites do. Thus, people can choose whether they want to go to colleges oriented towards partying, towards activism, towards encouraging success or diversity…

Not only potential students pay attention to Instagram – colleges do it as well. They are aware of their image and want to promote their best features. That is why they won’t post a protest but a social event, for instance. Everyone can use Instagram the way they want. However, it is good to know that the option is there for everybody to take advantage of it.

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