Instagram – Meet Coby, the World’s Most Beautiful Cat

Pets are always a winning feature on Instagram. Cats, dogs, turtles, snakes, birds… No matter what species your pet is, it’s sure that it’s going to win Instagram’s heart. That’s what happened with Coby, which has been called the most beautiful cat in the world. No wonder why, though.

Almost 400K people have already been mesmerized by this white, gazing feline. Coby is a small ball of white fur that wouldn’t be so impressive if it weren’t for its two eyes, blue as the skyand always looking eagerly at everything. It’s a British shorthair, a breed knownfor its chunky body and broad face. They come in a wide range of fur color patterns, but seeing one absolutely white is not very common. Also, as we can see in the pictures, apart from being very calm, they display breathtaking blue-colored eyes – they’re nearly hypnotizing.

Coby as the Lion King Coby as the Lion King

Maybe that’s why, in less than a year, he’s attracted so many people. The nearly 300 pictures on Coby’s account (which is @cobythecat, just in case you want to take a look) show uscobyusually staring at the camera or just chilling around, as every other cat in the world. But other cats wish they had those eyes! You can also see it wearing jumpers, costumes, t-shirts and even a lion mane around its head.

Coby’s Instagram profile doesn’t say anything about where the cat comes from, who are its owners or how they look like. What we can be sure about is that Coby enjoys being with them. We can even see what we suppose to be its owner’s hand in some of the pictures.

If you’re a cat lover or simply an animal lover you should definitely go check out Coby’s profile and follow it. Will you dare to miss so much feline cuteness when you can do otherwise?

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