Is It Better To Follow Many People On Instagram – Or Just A Few?

One of the main reasons people start and maintain accounts on social media is to share the content they create or they like (whether it is a photo, some text, a film or whatever – now we can even share games) with the people who follow them, i. e. who subscribe themselves to the newsfeed of the publishers. Maybe their content isn’t the most original, but if they get followers, it must be there is a certain degree of quality.

Thus, good-quality accounts (in every social media – Instagram included) get more and more followers, provided that they keep the quality of the content up enough. But there are other ways of getting followers which are a little simpler.

If you don’t want to use systems that will get you followers because you are sure they will only be bots, you have at least two other options. One is to find some service that will get you real followers – not automatized bots. If this appeals you, you can check some websites. IIGERS, for instance, offers actual followers and real interaction.

Another way of getting followers is to increase the number of people that you follow. Why is it like this? Many accounts, no matter they are personal or company ones, will follow you provided you follow them. It is what is called a “follow for follow”. Once you follow them, they’ll follow you back. That way, statistically, the more accounts you follow, the higher the odds of getting more followers thanks to that simple rule.


Follow for follow is a good way of getting more followers

Follow for follow is a good way of getting more followers

Of course, not every account you follow has to do that, as it is a personal or company decision, but it may be a good way to start increasing your follower figures or something worth doing every once in a while. Howerver, keep up your quality content! That will be normally what will make more and more people follow you.

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