Kendall Jenner “Wildest Thing” She Ever Did in High School

We all know Kendall Jenner has lived her life in the public eye since we can all remember. But if you think about it, what scandals did she cause during her teenage years?

Kendall has a website with her own blog, on which she has admitted she hasn’t changed much since her high school days. She says she’s always been quite responsible and stayed out of trouble.


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“I’ve grown up a lot since [high school], but I feel like, personality-wise at least, I was pretty similar to how I am now. Because my parents weren’t very strict, Ky and I were super responsible,” she wrote on her blog. Kendall never had an adolescent rebellion or bad decision-making. Not even at parties. “[My parents] were OK with it if we went to parties because they knew we weren’t getting into trouble—we never did anything that bad! We could’ve had parties ourselves if we wanted, but we really just didn’t care to. We’d invite a bunch of people over to hang out but it was never a rager.”


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The gorgeous model did reveal one thing that she did without her parents knowing. Want to find out? Keep reading!
“The wildest thing I did during that time was fib to my parents about where I was at night,” she admitted. “My dad didn’t really know I had a boyfriend! Even though my mom had an idea, I was really weird about telling them because I thought I’d get in trouble.”

We actually never hear anything about Kendall’s romantic life and now we know why. She’s always been mysterious about this part of her life and I guess that will never change. All we know about her private life is what she wrote in her app a while ago: “I 100 percent identify as Christian.”


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