Lindsay Lohan And Her Photoshopped Instagram Pic

It has become a scandal among social media users, who have been commenting on it since someone pointed it out. What’s the big deal? It turns out that the American actress Lindsay Lohan has updated a new pic to her Instagram account. Nothing strange there, is it? The problem comes from the content of the photo itself.

@LindsayLohanThe revolutionary photo on gallery on Instagram

The revolutionary photo. You can see it on @LindsayLohan gallery on Instagram

The picture shows the American actress standing up in an unidentified, dark-floored room, wearing a black maillot and smiling at the camera while bows a little. If you look closely at the actress’ bottom area – which is what caught the eye of the person who first noticed there was something strange with the pic – you’ll notice how the door and the background behind the actress are curved in the exact same angle of Lohan’s behind.

This action has made her followers feel bad, we suppose, since they haven’t stopped criticizing it in different social media. It has not only had an impact in the Anglophone countries, but worldwide, and she has been mentioned by the French, Italian and even the Japanese media, among many others. Another proof, we could say, that the world isn’t just anymore one’s local world, rather than a really big town where gossip spreads like wildfire.

However, not all this is bad. The first positive consequence (if we can say so) is that, be it for good or ill, the actress is now in the minds of thousands of people, and it will predictably be for a little while, until the gossiping Internet finds another topic to discuss or criticize.

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