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As we said on our last post, art fills Instagram, and a lot of artists use this social network to publish their work and show it to the world. Not only painting and graffiti are featured, but art in all its forms. You sculpt, rather than painting? You find painting and sculpting not too exciting and prefer photography? Are collages your thing? Then you may consider using Instagram and share the art you create with a world in need of it.

As we said, not only the traditional arts are what we can find on Instagram. Take for example Laurie Simmons, an artist, photographer and filmmaker. She does not paint neither sculpts, but her Instagram account (@LaurieSimmons) is full of color, life and art. Whether you’re looking for a collage, a series of photographs or a view at the latest convention she’s in, almost everything is a work of art.


For painting, sculptures, collages and some occasional graffiti you should consider following Brian Donnelly (@Kaws). This artist, who has been almost constantly been featured on exhibitions since more than 10 years ago has recently participated in a show in San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery. His works are a mixture of figurative and abstract painting, cartoon references and adorably cute sculptures. Pop culture references also fill his works.

One of the works by Brian Donnelly

One of the works by Brian Donnelly

Why not following the example of these and other artists. If you haven’t decided about it yet, take a minute to think: if these artists above could reach international recognition, what will you not be able to do? You have the tools to make your art reach millions of people – at the reach of your hand. And you can even promote yourself within Instagram. With your talent, your effort and a little mouth-to-mouth help, you may find yourself sharing a place with the most important artists.

KAWS” is a graffiti artist, illustrator, painter, sculptor, product designer, and toymaker.

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