A Father Turns His Son’s Drawings into Instagram Marvels

Tom and Dom Curtis are a father and a son who have become quite well-known lately. Dom is currently 7 and Tom is working for a media agency in London. Since some months ago, they’ve been posting together onto one Instagram account which has become extremely popular. […]

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Are You Taking Advantage of Instagram?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get through all of the contents of something and discover things that you didn’t even know existed. Who knows how many amazing things we will never do or experience because the’re hidden behind other things which don’t make us passionate but […]

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Justin Bieber Comes Back to Instagram!

We hadn’t heard the words “Justin Bieber” and “Instagram” together since last summer, when the singer decided to delite his profile on the popular picture-sharing network. THe singer was fed up with the press and people knowing and wanting to know everything about his life, and he […]

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Instagram Wants to Help Prevent Suicide

Bullying and cyberbullying have always been one of the major concerns of Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was the first social network to feature mechanisms of prevention for these two modern scenarios. Now, as Instagram is a part of Zuckerbergs world, these tools have been imported. Given that there […]

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