The best filters on Instagram, scientifically proven.

When we take a picture to be shared with our friends and followers on Instagram, one of the difficult decisions we usually make is choosing the perfect filter for it. In fact, applying the effect to the photo to express what we want to express at that moment and place, will probably take us more time than shooting the photo, deciding its title and posting it altogether. But, why is it so important for us to add a special colour or texture to our pictures if, at first instance, what should be worth seeing is what we have found in reality?



Well, the thing is that the possibility of applying a filter that Instagram and other apps and social networks offer is something its users state not to need, but to like. And that is why. We like turning images into feelings, and it can be done, for instance, by changing its colours and lights to show how the sight makes you feel or what it appeals to you so that people can know us more and share our thoughts (or not). Thus, this is a way to get closer to the rest of users but, have you ever wondered about which filter receives the highest number of ‘likes’ from them? Do you want to know it? Ok, I am telling you anyway.

Believe it or not, researchers in Georgia analyzed 7.6 millions of pictures posted on Instagram to help you in that issue. So, a study has been carried out to know which filter is “better” or is more often liked by people. First of all, it has been discovered that the simple fact of applying such effects to your photos makes the difference – edited images are more likely to be seen (21% more of probability) and to be liked or commented on (45% more of probability).

The results of the study show that the filters that, when applied, help the photo receive more ‘likes’ and comments include all those which give warm shades, high contrast between lights and exposure to our snapshots. In the case of Instagram, the three “golden filters” would be then ‘Mayfair’, ‘Valencia’ and ‘Nashville’. On the contrary, filters to be avoided are determined to be all those which change too much our pictures, making them look like too artificial and less detailed, such as ‘X-Pro II’ and ‘Kelvin’.

Now you have the key to get more ‘likes’ and comments from the rest of Instagram users. Nevertheless, do not forget that the image itself is relevant too!


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