The Etna Eruption has Become a Trending Topic on Instagram

Red, grey, blue and black. Those are the colors we can see when we enter one of the latest trending Instagram hashtags – #Etna. The last time the international media talked about the Etna was twenty years ago. Obviously, the world was very different then. We didn’t have smartphones, we didn’t have the internet and, of course, we didn’t have Instagram. Since then, things have changed. Now we can instantly enjoy pictures the we could only see in newspapers or exhibitions.

Since December 4, the volcano has been spurting smoke and rocks to the atmosphere. That day, a series of heavy explosions were followed by smoke, lava, magma and ash, all thrown from the insides of the Earth with a force that, many people remembered, it hadn’t had for at least two decades. According to the Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, the volcano will remain active for some weeks, before returning to its original, quiet state.

The astonishing beauty of the volcano has also made Instagram fall in love The astonishing beauty of the volcano has also made Instagram fall in love

Thematic Italian profiles have already uploaded pictures of the burning mountain, which will surely become an attraction for tourists in the following week. They are pivtures taken carefully, showing the most menacing side of the volcano. However, there are also pictures taken by users who happen to be near the volcano. Located on the island of Sicily, it is near a lot of populations. People in the provinces of Catania and Mesina have started uploading pictures taken from the place itself.

Some aerial pictures have also been added. We can see the island of Sicily, and an enormous amount of smoke coming from its South-Eastern corner. It’s not strange that we can see it from space. Etna has been active since Antiquity. Greeks and Romans believed that forges of Hephaestus were located underneath it. It’s not strange, if onestops and looks at the pictures now.

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