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Now that Instagram is being used by nearly everyone, it is not difficult to tell what the most common things to do on it are. However, there are some people who use Instagram as a way of vindicating a cause, to help people learn new things or to simply share their passions with the world. That’s what @girlnextdoorhoney does. This beekeeper called Hilary Kearney, who also teaches beekeeping and tours with her bees to show people how amazing they are, started it as a personal beekeeping business in San Diego, CA.

Hilary's bees building a bridge, a technique known as festooning

Hilary’s bees building a bridge, a technique known as festooning

She is not your traditional beekeeper, though, as her aim is to adapt beekeeping to urban and suburban settings. Her aim is that bees become a part of people’s daily lives, not being isolated at special places in the countryside. Through her Instagram, she shows the importance of bees in an artistic way – not so strange when you learn she is related to visual arts. Bees inspire her, and her artistic skills do the rest.

Not only Hillary expresses herself through her photos of animals. There may be as many thematic accounts as animals in the world, each one special and unique. For Linda Heidema (@lindalaughs), it is horses. Their pictures are quite different from Hilary’s. In Linda’s we find peace, tranquility and serenity – and horses. This Dutch woman travels once a week to the countryside to photograph the animals in a peaceful, misty environment. With Hilary we can learn, with Linda we can find ourselves in peace.

One of the calming, relaxing shots by Linda.

One of the calming, relaxing shots by Linda.

These are only two of the ways of capturing the essence of animals. As we said, there are millions of creatures worth sharing with the world, each one unique. Show the world your passion, share your pics with the most people as possible and let animals be admired as they deserve. We’ll all love it!

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