You Could Easily Make 2,000 USD on Instagram

Having influence on social networks can be a very rewarding experience. Not only does it pay in recognition from other people, but it can also be literally paying. There are people on Instagram who earn an extra or main income from promoting products for brands. Payments are astronomical – models such as Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid get paid between 125 and 300K dollars per promotion; at least, that’s what Frank Spadafora, CEO of the D’Marie Agency. It means that what celebrities get from doing a promotion amounts ten times the average American salary.

Spadafora, whose company helps people optimize their brands’ presence in social media, says that the figures are so high because big companies don’t see them as so much money. If one wants to get the attention of a model’s fans, you have to pay a very big quantity – but it will mean getting to milions of people through that model.

Essena O'Neill, who got famous because of what she did on Instagram Essena O’Neill, who got famous because of what she did on Instagram

No matter these incredible quantities, some bloggers live off their activity on social networks, and their environment is never easy to handle. At the end of 2015, Australian blogger Essena O’Neill annouced that she was quitting Instagram, amongst all of her social networks. Criticizing the way the networks had manipulated her, she said that she could easily make 2,000 Australian dollars with a single post.

In order to denounce the way fashion dictates what is good and what is not, and also that many posts that seem spontaneous are really very well thought in order to promote certain products, she changed the captions of her old Instagram pictures, explaining how everything worked in real life.

What we can ask ourselves now is: is it worth to gain 2,000 dollars with only one picture if you have to stop being yourself and let everyone in your new “life”?

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