Some Instagram Accounts – Just Pretty Or Pretty Weird?

As the open social networking site it is, Instagram offers its users the possibility of uploading whatever content they want, provided that they do not include abuse, spam or self-harm, as the very Instagram says in its Terms of use page. However, one must not look that deep to find some shocking or at least – we could say – weird accounts. Here are some examples.

The latest of the new trends that may shock the uninitiated is to create accounts that combine two elements: one must be handsome people; the other may be any other one. @MenandCoffee and @WomenandCoffee, for instance, are pretty obvious in what they display: nice faces of men or women (depending on what account you choose to visit) combined with hot, nice cups of coffee.

It is not the first time putting together handsome people with any other thing has had a good result: @hotdudesreading offers just the obvious: pretty handsome men exercising their brains in public places – with books. Maybe, it is just a way of encouraging reading in these instantaneous, social-network-crowded times. The initiative has had a great success; however, we have not found, so far, its feminine equivalent. Shout out to the people who may do this – do it!

One who has had a long-lasting success in the social network is the Russian photographer Murad Osmann, who has traveled around the world with his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova. On his account @muradosmann we can see both of them around the world. However, while we can see a full-bodied Nataly, we only get to see the arm of the photographer, who holds his girlfriend’s hand every time he takes a photo. Pretty romantic, isn’t it?

If you’d like to get the number of followers these accounts have but don’t dare or don’t want to do what they do (though we encourage you to find your trigger) you could check the services IIGERS has to offer you. Maybe a little follower push to get yourself into the world of Instagram revolution.

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